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Before I started the coaching program, my professional success was hampered by a number of issues: I had trouble setting priorities, put off important tasks because they seemed too daunting, made hiring mistakes, and failed to build a strong, solidified team.

Everything changed, once I started working with Maya. With her unique blend of empathy, experience, and pragmatism, she showed me how to better manage my time, delegate tasks, and tap the right people to join my company. After the coaching process, which lasted all of three months, I took charge of my time and my company. Today, business is better than ever before. Hiring Maya was hands-down the best decision I took in 2013! Needless to say, I highly recommend Maya’s business coaching program to anyone who is looking to achieve professional success. 



Assaf Sibony


Maya helped me get a clear vision of my business. With her calm, focused demeanor she showed me how to identify and structure my goals and define practical ways to achieve them. Leveraging her extensive business background, she provided valuable, hands-on guidance and helped me get to where I am today. I could not be happier with the results of her business coaching sessions!





Mor Mosayov

AI Design LLC dba CMG

Dear Maya, 

Just a quick update…

Remember we first met after a failed exhibit? I was so disappointed. You worked with me patiently and productively, gave me valuable tools, including a “special mirror,” and things started to improve. Last weekend, I had another major exhibit, and it was a huge success! Many people came to see it, and sales beat my wildest expectations. As the evening progressed, I was thinking how much I owe you. Thank you for turning my life around.


 (2 years after coaching started)  


Batia Gazit

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