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Helping You Succeed in Business


Whether you are looking to hone your leadership skills and boost staff performance at a new venture, or just want to improve things at your current organization, business coaching can help.

What Exactly Is Business Coaching?


Business coaching is a short-term, solution-focused counseling process geared to maximize your professional success. It helps you recognize your business’ strengths and weaknesses, gain a fresh perspective, and clearly define your future objectives. At the same time, it also shows you how to mobilize the necessary leadership, strategic-thinking, decision-making and team-building skills to turn these objectives into reality.

In addition, business coaching prepares the ground for positive change in your organization, showing you how to create effective internal communication channels and improve feedback mechanisms.

While business coaching is very different from therapy (with the first focusing on the future, the second on the past) it is also a form of personal counseling. Its aim is to give executives the tools to permanently change and optimize their leadership skills -- in any setting, at any time. My clients learn how to motivate their team, create a vision and implement a democratic management style that each team member readily associates with.

Is Business Coaching Right for You?

While people have different management styles, a truly successful leader needs to be able to master them all, using them flexibly, as needed. This is an art that you will learn during the coaching process. You will also learn how to consistently bring out the best in your employees. Rather than flooding them with orders, you will establish a productive dialogue, and empower them to be self-reliant. The advantages are twofold. You will free up valuable time that you can dedicate to important business matters. And your team members will gain confidence and improve their work satisfaction, all of which will directly increase their productivity.

Business coaching is highly useful for any business person, most specifically CEOs from small, mid-sized and large companies, heads of departments, executives looking to switch jobs, individuals who launch a new venture, and entrepreneurs who are embarking on their second or third careers.


Who Can Benefit from Business Coaching?
What Are the Main Topics of Business Coaching?

Business coaching touches on a variety of issues, including but not limited to the ones mentioned below. In my sessions, I cover all of them or zero in on a particular topic, depending on each client’s individual needs.


Growing and leading a motivated, self-reliant team This topic is of great value for any executive who wants to introduce a culture of ownership in the organization, a culture, in which team members fully identify with the company’s mission, “own” their jobs, and constantly strive to improve their performance.


Developing a clear corporate vision and the strategy to turn it into reality


This topic is important for executives who are entirely caught up in their daily work, and feel they lost a clear sense of business purpose and direction. During the coaching process, I will help you regain control, recognize what really matters, refocus your goals, and develop the strategy and tactics to successfully achieve them.


Establishing effective, inter-personal communication channels


Every organization is just as good as the people who are working for it. To bring the best out in your team, you will not only have to establish a vibrant, productive dialogue with and among its members, you will also have to create a positive work atmosphere, in which each employee feels valuable and respected and in which all enjoy working for a common interest.


Overcoming a financial crisis


With the national economy on a roller coaster these last few years, many businesses are battling a financial crisis. If your company is one of them, consider business coaching. Together we will use proven, powerful tools to help you fix your financial problems, improve cash flow, and put your company back on track for success.

Sounds interesting? Then don’t hesitate any longer. Contact me today to see how you can benefit from professional business coaching. 

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