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All Roads Led to Coaching

I am an Adler Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation, with a long list of international clients and a service portfolio that includes life coaching, business coaching, and executive coaching. A frequent and passionate speaker, I also give presentations, workshops, and seminars related to my fields of expertise.

While I officially graduated from the Adler Institute of Israel in 2011, it seems Coaching has been in my life forever. The oldest of nine, I was called upon to provide guidance and support to my younger siblings from a very early age on.

In the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), I first became an education officer and was subsequently chosen to train others and teach courses on value-oriented education and leadership. Following my military service, I studied at the College of Management -Academic Studies (COMAS) and graduated with a BA in Communications and Business Administration. During my studies, I worked as a spinning instructor and became a representative of the Schwinn Bicycle Company in Israel. Spinning was fun, of course, and thrilling, but at the same time it also gave me invaluable insights into what motivates people to thrive, rise to challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieve results.

I started my professional career at a global REIT, headquartered in Israel, and later launched a successful real estate management company. After moving to New York, in 2006, I continued to work in real estate investment before becoming the CFO of an international ecommerce company.

In retrospect it seems that all the steps I took in my life and in my career -- my experience in education, business and entrepreneurship, my exposure to various countries and cultures, and my connection with people from different walks of life -- have been but a logical progression towards my ultimate professional destination: Being a coach, helping people discover their full potential, and showing them how they can reach their goals.

Once I realized my true career calling I looked for an in-depth professional training program and chose Adlerian Coaching because of its credibility, quality and proven efficacy in building capacity for positive change.

My clients' success has cemented my belief in and my commitment to Adlerian Coaching.

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